Curriculum: Core Courses

Merit Academy’s high school gives students an unparalleled foundation to prepare for the rigors of even the most selective universities. Merit graduates have been accepted and matriculated to Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Brown, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and other prestigious colleges. The level of preparation exceeds that of college prep courses at public high schools. Throughout their high school experience, students not only build a robust academic foundation that spans the academic disciplines, but they are also challenged to strive for excellence.

At Merit, we always build the educational experience around the student. Students who need time to adjust to the high standards can opt to take general education courses until they are ready to excel in Merit’s honors courses or courses offered through local colleges and universities. If students have special interests or want to learn about subjects that aren’t normally taught, we can design courses that fit their needs.

checkbox American Literature: Honors
checkbox Asian/Non-Fiction/Women in Literature: Honors
checkbox English 1 A-C : Honors
checkbox English 2 A-C: Honors
checkbox English 3 A-C: Honors
checkbox English 4 A-C: Honors
checkbox English Composition & Journalism: Honors
checkbox World Literature: Honors
checkbox Writing for the Sciences, Scholarships, Autobiography: Honors
checkbox Introduction to Spanish 1 A-C: Honors
checkbox Spanish 2 A-C: Honors
checkbox Spanish 3 A-C: Honors
checkbox Spanish 4 A-C: Honors
checkbox American Sign Language (ASL)
checkbox Introduction to Mandarin 1 A-C: Honors
checkbox Mandarin 2 A-C: Honors
checkbox Mandarin 3 A-C: Honors
checkbox Mandarin 4 A-C: Honors
checkbox Introduction to French 1 A-C: Honors
checkbox French 2 A-C: Honors
checkbox French 3 A-C: Honors
checkbox French 4 A-C: Honors
checkbox Introduction to Hebrew 1 A-C: Honors
checkbox Hebrew 2 A-C: Honors
Laboratory Science
checkbox Chemistry: Honors
checkbox Biology: Honors
checkbox Introduction to Biology: Honors
checkbox Introduction to Chemistry: Honors
checkbox Introduction to Physics: Honors
checkbox Physics: Honors
checkbox Civics, Inner Self, & Interpersonal Relationships in Literature: Honors
checkbox Civics, Psychology, World Religions & Cults: Honors
checkbox Micro/Macro Economics & Global Issues: Honors
checkbox United States History 1 A-C: Honors
checkbox United States History 2 A-C: Honors
checkbox World History 1 A-C: Honors
checkbox World History 2 A-C: Honors
checkbox Algebra 1 A-C: Honors
checkbox Algebra 2/Trigonometry: Honors
checkbox Pre-Calculus: Honors
checkbox Calculus 1 A-C: Honors
checkbox Calculus 2 A-C: Honors
checkbox Geometry/Algebra 2: Honors
checkbox Comprehensive Driver's Education

AP Courses

checkbox AP Art History
checkbox AP United States History
checkbox AP European History
checkbox AP World History
checkbox AP English Literature and Comprehension
checkbox AP English Language and Composition
checkbox AP Calculus AB
checkbox AP Calculus BC
checkbox AP Computer Science A
checkbox AP Statistics
checkbox AP Biology
checkbox AP Chemistry
checkbox AP Physics 1
checkbox AP Physics 2
checkbox AP Chinese Language and Culture
checkbox AP French Language and Culture
checkbox AP Spanish Language and Culture



checkbox Introduction to Psychology
checkbox Automotive Technology
checkbox Electric vs Internal Combustion Motors
checkbox Build Your Own Electrolyzer: Make Your Own Energy
checkbox Aquaponics
checkbox Permaculture
checkbox Introduction to Computer Programming
checkbox Building Android Apps
checkbox Building iDevice Apps
checkbox C++ Programming
checkbox Web Design and Architecture
checkbox Introduction to MySQL and PHP
checkbox Introduction to Ruby
checkbox Introduction to Python
checkbox Introduction to Perl
checkbox CAD/CAM Design
checkbox CNC and 3D Printing
checkbox Microcontrollers and Circuit Board Design